Hurricane Dorian-Wildlife Emergencies

Hurricane Dorian-Wildlife Emergencies

Hurricane Dorian is approaching the state and we are bracing for impact. We have safely evacuated and secured the animals. We have also prepared for an influx of wildlife intakes post storm.

When hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017, we accepted over 300 injured and orphaned squirrels (and other wildlife) from the public within 3 days.  After a few months of rehab, almost all were released back to nature.  This was a successful mission thanks to our experienced and dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Hurricane season coincides with squirrel nesting season which is why we expect several hundred displaced squirrels and other wildlife. We are trained for this kind of emergency and we are ready to assist with high volume intakes, post storm. Please be sure to scan your yard, after the storm passes, for displaced wildlife. If there’s a chance for reunite with its mother (and the animal is not cold or injured), then PLEASE FIRST TRY TO REUNITE! If the animal needs care, please bring it to us (be sure to keep it warm and contained).

Many folks will attempt to raise wildlife on their own, but will often do it without success and the animal will suffer (through malnourishment, hypoglycemia, improper diet, aspiration pneumonia) and will not survive. Other mistakes include the animal imprinting (becoming dependent on humans) and being intended as pets. Squirrels do not make good pets nor should they be.

We will re-open to the public as fast as we can. We plan to post an update once the storm passes, to let you know when we can start accepting intakes and donations. (Our Wildlife Walk may be closed a bit longer for clean up or repairs.)

Visit our website rescue page today to learn tips on how to help displaced, orphaned and injured wildlife:

Call: 407-568-5138
Text : 954-415-8948
Visit: 10525 Clapp Simms Duda Rd. Orlando, FL 32832

You can also donate via our website donation page or through our amazon wishlist.

Additional contacts:

FL Wildlife Trappers and Rescue for questions or wildlife assistance:

(407) 617-1193‬

(They are a business so some services may require a fee.)

FWRA.org  (Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association)

Myfwc.com (Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission)

Orange county animal services:

407-836-3111 or dial 311 from your phone.