Release – the process of successfully raising/caring for an injured or orphaned wild animal and releasing them back into the wild.

Happy and Healthy

Releasing back into the wild is our goal for every injured or orphaned wild animal. This process could take days of hard work by staff and volunteers at our wildlife refuge. To be released back into their natural habitat, animals must pass final examinations and show signs of proper social behavior. For rehabilitation to be declared successful, released animals must be able to: survive on their own and be an integral part of their species’ population, have the ability to obtain natural foods, and naturally respond to danger. These signs signify that they are ready for their release.

Jagger the Bobcat
Jagger the Bobcat

How Long Until They Are Released?

Anywhere from 3 months to 6 months (depending on the type of species and the readiness of the individual animal), they are ready for release.

Where Are They Released?

All releases take place on inspected and approved sites(by private land owners) that are the most accommodating to each unique species. They are most likely large acreages that meet species-specific requirements with year-round adequate water and food sources within hunting-free zones. These locations are marked by our staff so they can perform routine checks to ensure that the sites are up to standard and constantly provide them the essentials they need to survive. Support BTN by contributing donations towards our cause.

Raccoon Release Project
Raccoon Release Project