New Board Treasurer

New Board Treasurer

Hello BTN Supporters!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Officer on the Back to Nature Executive Board? Maybe now is the time you want to become more involved. Our current Treasurer has done a fantastic job but wishes to step down after this year. Therefore, we are seeking a Treasurer for the Executive Board.

Nominations are now being accepted for:

At the November Board meeting, we will be presenting a slate of officers. If you are interested in any positions- President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or general Board member, we can put you on the slate.

However, right now, we would like to bring a new Treasurer to the Board so that we can have some overlap with our existing Treasurer. If you or someone you know are interested and need more information, please contact our President, Debbie Kleinberg at DebbieKleinberg@hotmail.com or our current Treasurer, Kelly Majzlik at kmajzlik@aol.com.

Thank you,
Lori Cunniff
BTN Secretary