Red Fox Pup Rescue from Storm Drain

Red Fox Pup Rescue from Storm Drain

We made headlines on May 19th when a young red fox was finally rescued from a storm drain in Rock Springs/Apopka, FL after spending nearly 2 weeks in the underground tunnels. The concerned citizen of Rock Springs made several attempts with other agencies to help retrieve her, but they came up empty handed. BTN was contacted via email and asked to assist. BTN cannot go out into the community to do actual rescues,(due to lack of resources) however, our friend, Leo Cross, with FL Wildlife Trappers, Inc. was able to assist us with the situation. After 4 days of attempting to trap her, she finally went into the trap on Monday morning. Scared and hungry, this little girl, nicknamed “Rock-ette” was then transferred to BTN. Her status is listed as a rehab patient and we are awaiting transfer to a northern wildlife facility for her rehab and release where she will be paired with another lonely red fox. Only gray foxes are listed as native to Central FL. We will keep you updated on her situation. Currently, she is being treated for fleas and minor dehydration. We are happy to care for “Rock-ette” and all her FL native injured and orphaned friends, here at BTN!

Here are 3 different news links. Channel 9 news is video footage.

Fox 35 News:

Channel 9 News:

Channel 13 News:
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