Giving Season is Here!

Giving Season is Here!

Back to Nature is so grateful for your support! Please consider giving this year to the injured and orphaned wildlife of central Florida and the ambassador animals of BTN. Any gift amount is one worth giving and is tax deductible. You can visit our donate page to learn more or make your donation to the animals.

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Here’s a recent post shared on our social media:

This little beefcake looks like he ate all the turkey already! The picture doesn’t do him justice but he’s one big baby! Still less than 4 weeks old and is about the size of an average 6-7 week old (Florida) eastern grey squirrel. It’s a shame he was found orphaned but we are thankful to be here to help.? ? #rescueraiserehabrelease #easterngreysquirrel #bigbaby #thanksgiving #backtonature #squirrel